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Read our Search Tips for information on how to quickly find the images you need. We can also help you find the perfect and most relevant images you need. We have a professionally trained staff of researchers who know the collections like the back of their hands. You will receive an email with a direct link to the Lightbox we created.
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Yes. You can search and download free comping images without registering on our site. The image comps you download will have a watermark on them. But to save images to your Lightbox for later access, you'll need to Login or Register.
From the Search Results, Lightbox or Image Details page, Right Click & Select 'Save Picture As'.
To view in-depth information about an image, go to the Image Details page by clicking any thumbnail image on the Search Results page or in your Lightbox. The Image Details page provides complete information about an image, such as keywords associated with that image, file sizes and additional information.
You can search using the Image ID that appears in the Image Details page or below the thumbnail images displayed on the Search Results page. Just enter this Image ID in the Search box and press 'Search' button.
Yes, you need to register. Click here for detailed registration information. If you are not yet registered, you will be prompted to complete your mailing and billing profile as part of the image purchasing process.
We use the latest encryption technology to help ensure that your information is kept safe while in transit. You can read about security in our Privacy Policy . Images Bazaar is a secure e-commerce site. Your payment information will be routed, processed and secured through Payseal, the payment gateway provided by ICICI Bank.
You can find the details of our Help - Pricing section.
When you're ready to purchase the image:
On your Search Results page or the Image Details page, click the 'shopping cart' icon underneath the thumbnail to add the image to your order.
Select the Non-Exclusive Price depending upon your requirement by checking the Radio button on the left. And click on the 'Add to Cart' button.
You have the option to 'Checkout' OR 'Continue Shopping' at this stage.
To make payment, you will get these options :
  • Pay using Credit Card
  • Drop Cheque/Demand Draft in favour of MASH AUDIO VISUALS PVT. LTD. at any ICICI Bank Outlet in your city (account no. 015405002335)
  • Transfer funds online from your bank account to ICICI BANK Account No. 015405002335 of MASH AUDIO VISUALS PVT. LTD.
  • Send Cheque/Demand Draft in favour of MASH AUDIO VISUALS PVT. LTD. Payable at NEW DELHI to the address given below :
Mash Audio Visuals Pvt. Ltd.
505, Aggarwal Prestige Mall,
Plot No. 2, Road No. 44,
Pitampura, New Delhi-110034
The file you download will be smaller than the file you purchased! Files are compressed for quick and easy download. As is standard practice in the industry, we provide you with "JPEG" files (identifiable by the ".jpg" extension added to the file name), which by definition are compressed to facilitate transmission and therefore are not as large as the original file. When you load the file into a photo editor such as PhotoShop, it will automatically expand to full size.
We send you a link to download the Image(s) you have purchased at your email address. But this link expires in 15 days. To download images from a previous purchase, please send us a request at for the same and we will do the needful. You will not be charged again.
To print an Invoice for any past sales order, roll over 'My Account' in the top navigation bar. Then click the Order Reference number of the previous orders you'd like to print. When the order pops up, use your browser's 'Print' icon to print out the screen.
Please read our Download Tips in the Help section
When an RGB image is converted to CMYK, several parameters must be taken into consideration, including paper stock, four-color film output device, layout software programs used, types of inks used and special effects intended by you, the designer. An RGB format provides you with the most flexible format. That's why we deliver images in Adobe RGB colour space.
As a general rule of thumb, our images can safely be enlarged to 125% of their original image size without affecting the quality - our images are regularly used on billboards. Since it's critical that you know what resolution you need for the output device, we recommend that you consult directly with your printer or service bureau to find out the specific capabilities of the device that will be used. And, of course, you can always Contact Us for more details.

All the images are delivered in 'jpeg' format. Firstly, you must save an image downloaded from the website in 'tiff' format before making any adjustments or manipulations. This is because every time you resave a 'jpeg' image, it will lead to a loss in the quality of that image. Secondly, for the best quality, remember this general guideline: The image resolution (ppi) should remain equal to twice the screen frequency (lpi). You have options, however, to adjust the screen frequency, re-sample the image at a higher resolution, or lower the ppi-to-lpi ratio. For more details, read the following tips for enlarging images:

Tips for enlarging images

  • The Hi-res images on have been optimized for a final print size of 5"x7.5", 9"x13.5", 12"x18", 16"x24" and 20"x30", using a screen frequency of 150 lpi. You can, however, print the images at a larger size. For the best quality, remember the general guideline of keeping the image resolution (ppi) equal to twice the screen frequency (lpi).
  • Use a lower screen frequency.
  • If you require only a low screen frequency, you can enlarge the image and still maintain the 2:1 ratio of ppi to lpi. Lower screen frequencies will allow you to enlarge the images even further.
  • Re-sample the image to a higher resolution.
  • Many image-editing programs will allow you to re-sample an image to a higher resolution. Re-sampling will enable you to maintain the 2:1 ratio of ppi to lpi. Software programs can add data to your image by interpolating the colors of adjacent pixels in the image. This can cause the image to appear somewhat out of focus or blurry. To compensate for this, you may want to apply a sharpening filter to the image to eliminate some of the blurring. We recommend that you experiment with this technique to determine if the results will be satisfactory for your needs.
  • Use a lower ppi-to-lpi ratio, such as 1.5 to 1.
  • The recommendation of the image resolution (ppi) equaling twice the screen frequency (lpi) is to ensure the highest quality. You can go below this ratio with relatively little noticeable difference in quality. You should never go below a 1:1 ratio of ppi to lpi. Be sure to experiment with different ratios to determine which works best for your requirements.
Depending on how the image was saved, it may open at a screen resolution of 72 dpi. This doesn't necessarily mean you downloaded a low-resolution image by mistake. Check the dimensions. Change the dpi of the image to 300 without re-sampling the image. If the dimensions come down to 5"x7.5"(10MB image), 9"x13.5"(31.2MB image) and 12"x18"(55.6MB image) when you change the dpi to 300, then you know you have the correct image. Simply re-save the image at 300 dpi.
All images on our site are available for the following purchases :
Non-Exclusive Price, which is determined by 'file size' for buying an image under MASH Non-Exclusive Rights Agreement.
What are Non-Exclusive Rights?
Our images can be sold multiple times to different clients. Non-Exclusive Rights means that other people can buy the image you have chosen.
Note : Nevertheless, you can't redistribute or resell images after taking NON-EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS.
Click Here to view the detailed explanation of Non-Exclusive Rights Agreement.

A model release is a written agreement between the model and the photographer where the model has granted the photographer permission to use the photographs commercially. Model Release generally permits the use of the image(s) for all purposes, with exceptions for controversial, sensitive or defamatory uses.
When you enlarge a thumbnail image by clicking on it, the Model Release Status information is displayed below each stock image

When is a signed model release needed?
Images, which depict people, may require a signed model release. It is up to you to decide whether the license usage will require a release. You should be aware that when a model release is available additional considerations may mean that the model release in itself is not sufficient, e.g. if the image is to be used for sensitive issues.

What situations would make a signed model release void?
Some image uses would make a signed release void. Following is for guidance only and is not a full list :

  • Defamation of Character - embellishment, distortion or fictionalization of a person's character.
  • Sensationalized use - a use intended to distort the "truth" of an image.
  • Sensitive Issues
  • Alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Guns and weapons
  • Medical and mental health issues
  • Negative financial portrayal
  • Political fanaticism
  • Religious fanaticism
  • Sexual and sexual health issues
  • Tobacco
  • Always Remember!

No matter whom you are buying stock images from, us or anyone else, there is absolutely no way we can overemphasize the significance of these model release issues - if those images have recognizable people in them.

MAKE SURE that the photo agency you are dealing with has signed and "perfected" model releases and that they are available. Do NOT make the mistake of saying to yourself that, well, if there's a problem, it's the photo agency's problem, not mine. It is your problem and it can very rapidly become a huge one if you're not careful.

See our Help - Licensing page for more on how our images are licensed.

If you are unsure whether a Model Release will be necessary please contact us .

* Images Bazaar does not offer legal advice and it is the responsibility of the licensee of an image to determine whether a release is necessary. You are advised to seek legal advice before relying on any information contained in this website.

All India Toll Free: 1800-11-6869

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